We Eat With Our Eyes First

CookbookMaster Chef’s are fond of saying, “We eat with our eyes first”, but did you know there’s research to back it up?  A study in the late 1970’s showed that, when we find food more appealing, not only do we enjoy it more we also absorb more nutrients from it.  Subsequent studies have validated this finding. As the holidays approach I thought you might enjoy knowing that tidbit.

On the downside, when we like what we see, we’re also prone to eat more.  So if you’re calorie conscious this season consider closing your eyes when you eat.

“But what does this have to do with presentations?” you might ask. Because human beings are holistic entities, it stands to reason that if our bodies absorb more nutrition from foods we find appealing, then our minds are likely to absorb more information from presentations that we find appealing as well.

The Presentation Cookbook is one of the most popular articles on my PPTMagic.com website and I thought the holiday season was a perfect opportunity to bring it up to date and convert it to my new tutorial format.  I’ve packed it full of ideas and research that cover all aspects of presenting to an audience.

Click the icon in the lower right of the tutorial below to run it in full screen mode.  Once the presentation starts, I recommend you click the SkyDrive link to Start Slide Show or you can start it directly from this link: The Presentation Cookbook.

I hope you find the cookbook useful in creating your own gourmet presentation, or if you’re on the hook for a dinner party this season it’ll probably help with that too.

Bon Appetite!